Oil Country Tubular Goods — Cleaning And Coating Services


Drill pipes, casings, and tubing materials that are critical in the oilfield industry require routine maintenance. Cleaning and coating services will protect oil country tubular goods (OCTG) from corrosion. 

Oilfield Environments

Onshore and offshore oil drilling practices involve different challenges that may affect the longevity of OCTG. Onshore drilling practices will not leave materials prone to as much moisture as offshore drilling practices.

Due to the varying environments that OCTG are used in, different cleaning and coating processes may be needed to keep materials clean and protected from the elements. The type of metal that drill pipes or other oilfield materials are constructed of could affect the type of products that a professional uses when performing routine maintenance to OCTG.

The Maintenance Timetable

The quality of the soil, the moisture within the air, and the amount of liquids and gases that are pumped through oilfield materials can have a bearing on how often materials will need to be cleaned and coated. Even when OCTG are stored or transported, materials are susceptible to becoming damaged prematurely.

Setting up a timetable to have products serviced will increase the longevity of tubular goods. A licensed pipe maintenance technician can be hired to inspect and service materials as needed.

OCTG Buffering

After a pipe maintenance technician performs an inspection of oilfield materials, a buffering system is used to clean the surface of each material. A rotating brush head is used to remove rust and scale buildup from metal surfaces. Rolled metal, couplings, and connection pieces are treated during this process.

A technician will use a wire brush head or a synthetic nylon brush head to clean OCTG. The type of head that is used will be dependent upon the metal material that oilfield pieces are constructed of. The cleaning process will ensure that a coating will properly adhere to each metal component.

OCTG Coating

Once the buffering process is complete, a water-based varnish product is applied to the surfaces that have been treated. A water-based varnish product is environmentally safe. This product will protect the exposed metal from wind, rain, and other environmental conditions that could weaken the surface of the metal.

The varnish product will be administered with the use of spraying equipment. The use of spraying equipment will allow a service technician to apply an even coat of varnish to all of the metal that comprises an oil rigging setup. Once the varnishing process is complete, the OCTG can be used in a normal manner.

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11 April 2023

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