How Do You Make Your Customers' Pools Energy-Efficient?


If you make and sell residential swimming pools in your community, you may do everything you can to improve the quality and efficiency of your products. You may even look for a way to make your pools more energy-efficient for customers. You can install energy-efficient pumps in your pools. Learn more about energy-efficient pumps and how to order your pumps below.

What Are Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps?

Many homeowners and businesses look for ways to save money on their energy bills. People may purchase energy-efficient appliances or cut down on their electrical usage. You can also help customers save money on their electrical expenses with energy-efficient pool pumps.

Pool pumps help circulate water through swimming pools, spas, and other aquatic structures. However, some pumps can use a great deal of energy to carry out their functions. Swimming pools can become burdens on your customers rather than fun places to spend time in the summer.

Pool pumps that come with energy-efficient features can make it less stressful for users each year. The pumps use variable speeds to clean pools. Variable speed pumps allow customers to program or adjust the devices' settings to fit their needs. For example, if a customer's pool requires less cleaning in the evening than it does in the afternoon, they can program their pool pump to only come on in the afternoon to clean their pool. 

If you think your customers will save expenses on their swimming pools, add energy-efficient pumps to your products today.

How Do You Order Pumps for Your Pools?

You can order the pumps you need by contacting a manufacturer that specializes in pool supplies and equipment. A company can help you select pool pumps that fit your brand of swimming pools. If you sell specialty pools, be sure to tell a manufacturer right away. A company may be able to customize your pools' pumps.

A company can also provide information on the energy costs and savings your customers may experience after they purchase your pools. You can use the information to create additional swimming pools for your customers. You can obtain new pumps from a manufacturer after you design and make your pools.

After you obtain the pool pumps you need, create an order for them. A company can go over the ordering process for your pumps, including how to choose the safest shipping method for them.

For more information, contact energy-efficient pool pump manufacturers near you.  


26 July 2022

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