5 Signs You Should Adopt Orbital Welding Equipment


Orbital welding equipment represents a significant upgrade to a shop's capabilities. If you're looking at orbital welding products to figure out if they're right for your operation, consider these 5 signs it's time to make the move.

Welding Many Large and Round Objects

The simplest argument for adopting orbital welding equipment is that you're dealing with many projects that involve objects that are both round and large. Most orbital welding systems use mechanized arms or bands to move around the target objects. These typically operate either in 180-degree arcs or 360-degree circles, depending on what the shop environment allows and the job calls for.

You can certainly do this sort of work manually. However, using a mechanized process will make it easier to get around the object and apply welds without making any mistakes.

Pressurized Systems with Minimal Tolerances

Orbital welding products have a history with the aerospace industry. When it comes to building rockets or jets, you can't afford to have sloppy welds. At the same time, welders in this industry were often working on round objects like fuel tanks, rocket nozzles, and blower motors. Many of these systems become unstable if there are imperfections present. Worse, many of them become damaged if they become unstable.

Many industries have since adopted the same approach for much the same reasons. Gas and oil companies, for example, often need clean welds for pipes.

Small Teams

Finding capable welding professionals isn't always easy. In a competitive job market, the investment in orbital welding equipment may help a small operation achieve an advantage.

High-Attention Projects

Normally, this sort of investment involves businesses that give high levels of attention to their projects. While orbital welding equipment is predominantly mechanized, that creates a tendency to depend on the device for quality control. However, you need to have human inspections of the welds with an orbital model to ensure nothing is wrong with the materials or the flux.

Many Joints

The physicality of joining many sections of tubes or pipes can make welding difficult, especially on large and long projects. If you have a job that calls for lots of joints, you may want to employ orbital welding products to minimize the physical strain. The operator will still be there to attend to the work, but they'll be focused on quality rather than effort. Especially when you have to do many of the same welds again, this can save time and money while also reducing mistakes. 

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11 April 2022

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