Preparing For Economic Uncertainty? Start With Beans, Rice, And A Few 5-Gallon Food-Safe Buckets


Sharp increases in the cost of food, gasoline, and other basic needs have placed a strain on many American households. Since many of these households are still recovering from pandemic-related income losses, having to pay more at the grocery store and gas pump directly affects their families' finances and causes increasing concerns that a major economic recession is unavoidable. 

If your family is feeling the strain of rising prices for basic needs, like food and fuel, getting some beans and rice and a few 5-gallon food-safe buckets is a good way to help your family relax and feel a bit more secure until the economy improves. 

The popularity of beans and rice

Beans and rice have enjoyed decades of popularity because they are cheap, easy to store, and able to meet most of the protein needs for human health. When eaten together, the amino acids found in beans and rice work together to form a nearly complete, vegetarian protein option. In a situation where meat, poultry, fish, or other protein sources are too expensive to purchase or difficult to store, beans and rice can provide an efficient substitute.  

As dry grains and legumes, beans and rice do not require commercial canning, refrigeration, or freezing to maintain their quality and nutritional value. Instead, rice and beans only need to be kept dry in airtight containers, such as 5-gallon food-safe buckets, which will help protect these foods from rodents and insects. 

Storing for long-term use

The amount of rice and beans you will need to have in your food storage pantry will depend upon the number of people in your household and their ages. Although the preparation can include the addition of spices, vegetables, and other types of available foods, a general guideline to follow is one-half cup of rice with one half-cup of beans per serving. Opting to utilize 5-gallon food-safe buckets to store rice and beans is an excellent way for families to assemble and maintain a long-term supply of these valuable storage foods, even in small homes and apartments. 

Additionally, the use of 5-gallon food-safe buckets can provide more protection against light and air, both of which can degrade the nutrients in stored grains and legumes over time. Buckets of rice, grain, or other non-perishable items can also be stacked easily to save floor space or moved from location to location without concern for the elements. 

Beans and rice are just two of the many items you may want to include when building recession-proof food storage.

Contact a company that supplies 5-gallon food-safe buckets to learn more. 


28 February 2022

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