What Are The Main Steps Of Metallographic Sample Preparation?


If you want to have testing done on your metal, then you probably know that you are going to need to provide a sample to the company that is going to be doing the testing. There are actually specific steps that have to be followed during this process. These are the main steps of metallographic sample preparation.


First of all, the person who is preparing the sample will document things like the type of metal that they are working with and the type of metal item that they are removing the sample from. Proper documentation now means that there will be ample information later.


The person who is going to be preparing the sample will need to determine the best part of the piece of metal to remove the sample from. They may section this part off before they take further action.


Once a sample area has been chosen, that area will have to be removed. The person who is preparing the sample will have to have the proper cutting equipment so that they can cut through the metal without causing any damage to the metal item and so that they can provide a sample that is the appropriate size and that has nice, clean edges.


Mounting is an important step in the sample preparation process. Typically, mounting is done with a special metallurgical mounting press, and those who regularly prepare and work with these samples typically have these mounting presses.


After mounting the sample, the person who is preparing the sample might notice that grinding will have to be done on the sample. Again, these professionals typically have the appropriate grinding equipment and can get the job done without causing unnecessary damage to the sample.


During sample preparation, both rough and smooth polishing techniques are often used so that the sample is fully prepared for the testing that needs to be done.

If all of these steps seem a bit confusing and overwhelming to you, or if you know that you don't have the equipment and skills to follow these steps on your own, then you shouldn't assume that you will not be able to get a proper sample for testing. Instead, you should consider working with a metallographic sample preparation service. There are separate companies that help with preparing these samples, or you can inquire with the company that is going to be performing the testing on your sample to find out if they can assist you with the actual preparation of that sample.


15 April 2021

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