2 Advantages Of Using Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps In Your Factory


If you have various machines in your factory that rely on positive displacement compression to operate and move materials, you may have discovered that some of the pumps are wearing out and need to be replaced. Even if the equipment utilizes rotary vane pumps, consider the advantages of replacing them with liquid ring vacuum pumps instead.

1. Produces No Friction When in Operation 

One advantage of using liquid ring vacuum pumps in your factory's machinery is that they do not produce friction when in operation. Because the pumps rely on the movement and compression of liquid, they have no metal parts or gears that grind together to produce either friction or heat.

This lack of friction and heat can help serve you in a couple of ways. First, since there are no friction-producing gears that are grinding together, the pumps will last longer because they do not have these moving parts the wear down over time.

Second, if some of your equipment processes flammable gas, you do not have to worry about the heat from friction.  There is also little to no chance that sparks will be produced, making it safer to pump the gas than it would with a manual pump system.

2. Connects Directly to the Motor Without the Need for a Gearbox

Another benefit of using the vacuum pumps instead of rotary vane models is that the liquid ring pumps connect directly to the motor. Because of this direct connection, you do not need a gearbox to install them.

Not only does this make installation easier and faster, but it also means that there are fewer parts involved in the pump's operation. Unlike mechanical pumps that require extra gears, there are fewer potential problem areas that could break down.

Fewer breakdowns mean less money spent on replacement parts. It also means that your factory's productivity will not be adversely affected by downtime because the gears need replacing or realignment, which would take the equipment offline for several hours.

If you are in need of a vacuum pump for your factory's machinery that lasts longer and enables your equipment to pump flammable gas without fear of ignition or explosion, one that uses a liquid ring could prove advantageous. Contact an industrial equipment and supply company that offers liquid ring vacuum pumps to learn more about their benefits and installation process as well as discuss which model would work well for your factory's machines.


11 December 2020

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