Problems With Your Pump? Signs It's Time For A Service Call


If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you may think that maintenance ends once summer is over. But, there are some issues that should be resolved before you shut your pool down for the winter. That way, everything is ready to go once you start the system back up next season. Issues involving the pump should always be taken care of before shutting your pool down once summer comes to an end. Here are some signs that your pump should be serviced. 

Your Pump is Vibrating

If your pump has been vibrating, it's a good idea to call a service technician as soon as possible. Vibration is often a sign that your pump has come loose from the housing. If that's the case, it will need to be repaired right away. If your pump is loose, it can't provide the proper suction to keep your pool clean. Not only that, if the vibration becomes too bad, your pump can suffer irreparable damage. To avoid that, call for repairs as soon as you notice the vibration. 

Your Pump is Overheating

If your pump has started overheating, don't postpone the repairs. Overheating can be caused by a couple of issues. Both of them will require immediate attention. First, the bearings inside your pool pump may be worn-out. If that's happened, they'll need to be replaced. Second, your pump may have a leaky seal. If that's the case, you'll need to have a new seal installed in your pump. 

Your Pump is Bubbling

If you've noticed that your pool is filled with bubbles, even when no one is swimming, it's time to call for repairs. Bubbles are a sure sign that your pump has developed an air leak. If that's happened, your pool isn't getting as clean as it should. That's because there isn't enough suction power to pull contaminants from the water. Repairing the air leak will alleviate the bubbles, and ensure crystal-clear water. 

Your Pump is Aging

Finally, if your pool pump is over ten years old, it's time for a replacement. Pool pumps aren't designed to last a lifetime. In fact, they usually wear out somewhere between 8-10 years. Once the pump reaches old-age, it will no longer be able to keep your pool clean and sanitary. The best way to avoid water problems is to have your aging pump replaced before it suffers a catastrophic breakdown. If that happens, you'll be looking at an emergency pump replacement. 

Don't take chances with your pool pump. If you've noticed any of the issues described above, call for pump service as soon as possible.


26 August 2020

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