Suck It Up: Put More Thought Into Your Next Vacuum


When you are shopping for a vacuum, you want one that will last you for years. Some vacuums seem to practically be disposable because they don't last very long. You want to know you can put vacuum shopping behind you for good. You also want to know that the vacuum cleaner that you buy will do a fantastic job when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. Here are some of the features you want to look for in your next vacuum.

You want a lot of power

In order to get your carpet as clean as possible, you want a vacuum that has enough power to suck up all the dirt on the surface of the carpet, as well as the dirt that is underneath the carpet. This will give you a cleaner looking floor and a floor that is as clean as it looks. A powerful vacuum will also help you keep your carpet looking fresh longer because when you vacuum, the carpet will be fluffed back up, instead of continuing to look flat.

You want a quiet motor

One of the big complaints people have regarding vacuum cleaners is that they are too loud. People don't like the fact that they have to time their vacuuming around a time when others in the household aren't going to be as bothered by the loud sound. This is why a quiet motor is so important when choosing the right vacuum for your needs.

You want durability

Most people have had those vacuums that are easily broken at one time or another. Whether a piece just breaks off from the vacuum being bumped against a wall, or the handle falls off in their hand, a vacuum that isn't durable is one that is going to need to be replaced soon.

You want a HEPA filter system

A HEPA filter is very important. This is what is going to trap those allergens and other particles that other types of filters allow to slip right through and enter back into the air. Allowing them back into the air not only makes for dusty furniture, but it is also bad for people's health, especially people who suffer from allergies or who have respiratory issues.

You want helpful features

The features a vacuum has are also important. For example, you may want a vacuum that the shortest and tallest people in the household can both use comfortably, so the ability to adjust the height is important. Also, a filter that is easy to change can make vacuuming much less of a hassle. Going with a vacuum that has an automatic shut-off when there is a problem like a clog can help prevent vacuum damage.


Choosing a high-quality vacuum cleaner that has all these things to offer, such as a great Windsor Versamatic vacuum, can make all the difference to the chore of vacuuming your home. Also, when you go with Windsor Versamatic vacuum parts, you will have easy access to replacement parts you can purchase online.


28 May 2019

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