Four Uses For A Liquid Nitrogen Freezer


Liquid nitrogen freezers are something of a fascination to multiple types of industry. That is because liquid nitrogen has dozens of applications, and gaining new ones all the time. If you think your industry could possibly use a liquid nitrogen freezer, here are some of the things for which your company can use such a freezer. 

Make Ice Cream Faster

​If your company is in the business of making ice cream and dairy products and your company wants to double production, you can actually use a liquid nitrogen freezer to do just that. Chefs the world over are making ice cream in the blink of an eye now by pouring liquid nitrogen into sugar and cream for instant ice cream. If you place several small vats of sugar and cream with flavoring into such a freezer, you will be able to turn out containers of ice cream for far less the amount of time it takes for your standard industrial vats.

​Preserve Biological Cells and Samples

​If your company is in the business of pharmaceutical R&D, then it is imperative that you keep biological cells frozen in order to continue the research. Blood samples used in research also need to be kept cold to prevent decomposition. A freezer that freezes everything from eggs and embryos to tissue samples and organs is vital to any R&D company. 

​Prevent Volatile Chemicals from Exploding

​Some chemical plants create chemicals that must remain very cold or the chemicals could combust or explode. These particular chemicals are made in small batches because they are too volatile to be made in large batches and still be able to keep their reactions in check. When these chemicals are placed in storage, they are placed in liquid nitrogen freezers to keep them safe until it is time to ship them. 

Create Blocks of Nitrogen Ice for Shipping Purposes

​Shipping companies that use liquid nitrogen ice blocks to ship fresh and frozen food items and products. These blocks of liquid nitrogen have to be kept extremely cold all the way up to the point that they are packed into the boxes and shipped out. Storing blocks in liquid nitrogen freezers just makes sense, since both the blocks of ice and the freezers hold at the same extreme temperature of negative two-hundred-seventy-five degrees. If your company is shipping goods with liquid nitrogen ice blocks, but your company is still churning blocks out on demand rather than having some in reserve, these liquid nitrogen freezers can help you make, store, and have more blocks on hand and at the ready.

To learn more, talk to a supplier of liquid nitrogen freezers.


6 February 2019

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