Top Features to Look for in a Press Brake for Sheet Metal Fabrication Processes


In the metal fabrication industry, the equipment you use to manipulate, shape, and form the metal is what makes your business functional, and one of the pieces you will turn to the most will be the press brake. Press brakes are large machines that have a hydraulic press that can be used to press sheet metal into various shapes, such as folded pieces, curved pieces, or otherwise altered pieces.

If you are building your industrial facility, trying to pick the best equipment, there are a few things to be looking for in a good industrial press brake for sheet metal fabrication processes. 

Rapid Cycle Speeds

In an industrial setting where you could be using the press brake to create numerous pieces, back to back, every single day, you need a press brake that can keep up with the high demands. Therefore, find a press brake that offers rapid cycle speeds, which basically means you can filter through pieces rather quickly. Even better, the models that have rapid cycle speeds usually have rapid programming capabilities so you can switch between one function and the next as fast as possible. So if you are going from creating angled steel pieces to curved brass pieces, you can do so without the machine slowing you down. 

Touch Screen Program Controls

Press brakes are far more innovative and technological than they once were. Most of the newest models have onboard wi-fi capabilities so you can download updates to the machine with the touch of a button. Having a touchscreen control panel allows you to get access to quick information when you need it, but it also gives you things like:

  • 3D models of the parts you are creating or plan to create
  • Direct access to the help manual 
  • Control over programming that is easy to navigate
  • Operator safety guidelines at your fingertips
  • Production monitoring at the touch of a button

Dynamic Thickness Compensation

When you are transitioning from working with one metal to the next, you will also likely be going to metals that are varying thicknesses. Some press brakes do not have the ability to automatically adjust for the variances in thickness without you having to manually fix the input specifications of the material you are using. The best press brakes will have an integrated ability to compensate for thicknesses between materials without a lot of effort from you or time to reconfigure the settings. 


30 May 2018

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