Boosting Crew Morale While Teaching Work Safety: A Few Ideas


Sometimes every member of your construction crew is just in a foul mood. Things are not going the way everyone expects with the work that they are doing. As a good boss, you want to boost morale and get everyone working productively again. Of course, there is the annual safety training to complete, too. How do you complete the boring training and still boost crew morale? Here are a few ideas.

Hold a Work Safety Contest with Various Events

It is easier to get through training materials when the training is fun. However, "fun" and "training" are often oxymoronic when used in the same sentence. Yet, there is still a way you can accomplish this; hold a work safety contest with various events.

The Scaffolding Event

For example, you can use scaffolding equipment in a race to build a four-story scaffold in record time. Not only does building the scaffold the fastest count as points, but the person or team that builds it with safety in mind first wins. In short, the scaffolding event has to produce a work-regulated, super-safe scaffold in record time. You can determine by checking each scaffolding build who won, how safe the scaffolds are after construction, and what the prize for the winning team or individual is.

The Power Tool Event

In this event, safety and perfection overrule speed. Each member of your crew has to expertly use three main power tools and use them safely. They have to demonstrate knowledge of the tool, safety skills, and delivery of a perfect or near-perfect product. A circular or table saw hydraulic nail gun, and a drill with screwdriver head work well as your three power tools in this event.

The over-the-Roof Event

Some of the most dangerous work occurs on a roof. Crew members have to climb up, over, and down a roof on a regular basis in construction work. Using both ladders and scaffolding constructed from an earlier event, and a roof you are currently working on (or your own roof), every crew member demonstrates his/her knowledge on how to climb a ladder safely, walk over a roof quickly and carefully, and then climb down the same piece of equipment on the other side. The exercise is repeated by climbing whichever equipment the crew member chose not to climb with before. To make it more interesting, you can turn it into a relay with teams.

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2 May 2018

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