Increase Production At Your Bakery


If you recently opened a bakery and your employees production rates haven't been keeping up with the demand from your patrons, create more pastries, donuts, and bread products in a shorter amount of time by trying the guidelines listed below. As a result, you will make more of a profit each day and your clients will remain satisfied because they won't have to encounter products being out of stock or needing to wait long lengths of time for their orders to be filled. 

Purchase A Sigma Blade Mixer

If you have been using standard mixing equipment at your bakery, you may haven noticed that you and your staff members are not able to make large batches of dough and are constantly needing to clean mixers prior to filling them with additional ingredients. One way to prevent this issue is by purchasing a sigma blade mixer.

A sigma blade mixer is an industrial-strength mixer that is designed specifically for products that need to be blended and that have a sticky or gritty texture. Mixing arms can move through large amounts of ingredients and will allow you and your workers to prepare several batches of dough prior to baking products that are going to be sold in your bakery.

Hire Additional Workers

Being short-handed on staff can make it next to impossible to keep up with the number of orders that need to be filled. If you have been relying heavily on a small group of employees, expand your employee base by hiring a few additional people.

By hiring more workers, you will be provided with the luxury of offering your workers shorter work shifts and you will not need to worry about not having enough help if one or more of your workers calls in sick for the day or has an important appointment that they need to attend that will prevent them from arriving to work on time. 

Take Orders In Advance And Prepare Products The Night Before

If you typically fill orders as you receive them and are in the practice of preparing baked goods on the day that an order is made, taking orders in advance and preparing products the night before can prove to be beneficial. Of course, to accomplish this, you will need to have some of your crew members work later hours than they are used to. If you would like to monitor the progress that your bakery crew makes, make arrangements to stay at the bakery so that you can oversee the production steps.

Allow your customers to notify you over the phone or on your company's website if they would like to place an order that is going to be picked up the following day. Large orders or orders that are needed for social functions will not interfere with you handling daily responsibilities because they will already be ready for customers to pick up. Simply, freeze or refrigerate products after they are made so that they retain their freshness until the following day. 


19 December 2017

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