Got A MIG Welder? 2 Maintenance Tips To Minimize The Need For Repair Services


If you have a MIG welder, you know that it can often act up on you. What you may not realize is that there are some maintenance tasks that you can perform to help minimize those little "act-ups" from occurring – potentially preventing the need of welder repair services so frequently. Here are two maintenance tips to consider conducting on a regular basis to keep your MIG welder in better condition:

Tip #1: Regularly Clean Your Drive Rolls

Over time, the drive roll groove becomes packed with drawing compound, industrial grit as well as smoke. These things can all have a negative impact on the grip and tension on the wire. As a general rule, knurled rolls are more affected than smooth rolls. However, it still poses a problem.

To remedy this issue, you need to remove the drive rolls on a regular basis and use a wire brush to clean them. This will help to remove any accumulation of dust, dirt, and compound that would adversely affect the grip and pressure the rolls may have on the wire. While you have the drive rolls out cleaning them, make sure to carefully inspect them for general wear and tear. Like all pieces on your welder, the drive rolls will eventually wear out and need to be replaced.

Tip #2: Index Your Line Occasionally

On most cable and hose assemblies, the spring line is going to removable and replaceable. Most spring liners have a minimum of two constant bends. One bend will be in the torch neck, and the other will come out of the feeder. Now, the wire will continue to rub the same exact spot, which causes a groove to form in the liner. As this groove continues to deepen, it creates a very high-friction area. The more that this occurs, the more of a drag there is on the wire. Eventually, it could stop feeding the wire.

To fix this problem, you will want to index the liner every once in a while. Remove the liner and inspect it. If there is a kink, then it will lead to a feeding issue. With the liner removed, you will want to blow out the guide. You will also want to turn the liner at least 90 degrees and then reinstall it (just make sure you indeed it first). What this process does it create a fresh area for a groove to be created on the liner. Of course, this is only a temporary fix, as you will still eventually need to have the liner replaced. However, this will help extend the liner's service life. 

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1 October 2017

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