6 Ways To Maintain Your Business's Grease Trap


Maintaining your business's grease trap is necessary for several reasons, including protecting the environment. Unfortunately, not all businesses follow the proper procedures for taking care of the grease traps and problems ensue. To help avoid issues, here are some tips to remember to maintain the trap in your business.

  1. Inspect the trap periodically. The trap should be filling on a regular basis. If you are not noticing any grease after days of usage, chances are, there is a problem with the trap. Periodically inspections will reveal problems that can be easily serviced before the situation worsens.
  2. Add strainers to the traps. Grease traps are not designed to handle large particles in the grease. The particles can clog the traps and lead to an overflow, which will require professional service to clear. A strainer will help to remove the large particles and ensure that most of what lands in the trap is grease.
  3. Designate a disposal area for large grease amounts. One of the misconceptions about the grease trap is that it can handle any amount of grease. However, it can clog just like a normal disposal. Large amounts of grease should be disposed of in a different area using a different method to avoid problems.
  4. Use bacteria additive. Bacteria additives help to reduce the grease down to a substance that can easily and cleanly flush down the drain lines of your business. This can help to drastically reduce the number of times the trap must be cleaned.
  5. Contract for professional cleaning. Cleaning the trap might seem like a simple task, but it should be handled by professionals. Not only will the pros remove the grease, but they will safely dispose of it. Hiring pros also helps to prevent a voiding of your warranty, which is important if the trap must be replaced.
  6. Upgrade your grease trap. If the trap is filling quickly, it is possible that it is not large enough to handle the amount of grease that is winding up in it. You can choose to increase the number of cleanings, but a more cost-effective option might be to upgrade your grease trap to a larger size that is more fitting for your needs.

Taking care of your grease trap can help to extend its lifespan. Talk to your grease trap cleaning service and supplier, such as Plastics Inc., to learn of other ways you can keep your trap maintained and properly functioning. 


12 September 2017

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