Understanding The Ball Milling Process


Ball milling is a process that was developed in the 1960s and has made it possible for materials to be created that were previously not possible. By using this machine, the methods by which the chemical reactions take place is modified by no longer having to use high temperatures. It allows for phase transformations to occur with materials that have the same chemical composition. The planetary ball mill is the most frequently used device because only a small amount of powder needs to be used. Ball mechanical milling typically undergoes the following process.


The material that will be ground can either be wet or dry. However, it is preferred that the material be wet when it is ground at a low speed. Ball milling can be useful in situations where it is necessary to increase solid-state chemical reactivity. It is also useful when creating amorphous materials.

The Structure Of The Mill

The ball mill has one turn disc and two or four bowls. The turn disc rotates in one direction and the bowls rotate in an opposite direction. This creates a centrifugal force that is applied to the powder. Because the impact power is higher, ball mills can be used for high-speed milling. 


With ball milling, the material that will be ground is fed on the left. It is inserted into a 60° cone. The material to be ground is held inside a shell. The shell rotates. Balls are lifted up and then cascade down the side. When they impact the material to be ground, it is reduced in size as a result of the collision. First, the material is flattened by compression forces that result from collision with the rotating balls. While the particles are deformed, there is no change in mass. Then, cold welding begins to become more significant. Dissolution begins to take place, but the chemical composition of the materials does not become homogeneous yet. But toward the end of the process, the particle sizes become smaller and the composition of the materials becomes more homogeneous. True alloys begin to form all the way until the completion stage. The product that is milled exits out of a 30° cone.


Ball milling requires equipment that is inexpensive to install. It can be used for both open and closed circuit grinding. It can also be used with materials that have all degrees of hardness. Therefore, ball milling is highly recommended. 


10 July 2017

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