3 Signs You Could Use New Or Upgraded Pallet Racking In Your Warehouse Business


When you look at your warehouse facility, there are a lot of things that make it a functional place. From the employees that keep things moving along to the conveyor systems that carry goods, every last detail is important to keep everything flowing smoothly. This is even true with something as basic as pallet racking. If your pallet racking is not updated and efficient, it can affect everything about how you do business. Yet, many warehouse owners fail to recognize when changes should be made. Take a look at some of the most common indications that should tell you an upgrade of your pallet racking will be a good decision. 

Injuries and accidents related to pallet racking are higher than they've ever been. 

There are all kinds of injuries that can come along with having poor or outdated pallet racking in place in your warehouse facility. You may have employees coming in and filing complaints about:

  • bumping their heads on pallet racking 
  • tripping over extended pallet racking
  • injuries caused by falling shelves on a pallet rack 
  • scraping their shins or ankles on the lower pallet racking stands 

If you have seen an increased number of pallet racking related injuries, it could definitely be a sign that you need to consider making some changes. 

You are having to store more product on the floor than you feel comfortable with, in your place of business. 

There is nothing efficient about storing pallets and packaged merchandise on the floor in a warehouse business. Not only can this make it harder for employees to maneuver and meet production goals, it can also put the merchandise at a higher risk of being damaged. If your business needs have changed and you are now having to use a lot of floor space for palletized merchandise, it is a good sign that you should consider adding more pallet racking to your facility. 

Your storage needs have changed dramatically because the products have changed. 

Pallet racking is not just designed to hold palletized merchandise, it is also capable of housing shelving units and drawers for smaller pieces that need to be stored. However, if you have an older style of pallet racking, these features may be missing or not available for addition. If your business storage needs have changed and the pallet racking you currently have does not correctly offer storage solutions for items of variant sizes, you should definitely consider making some changes. 

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2 July 2017

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