Business To Business Relationships And The Importance Of A Purchasing Manager


In the world of business the number one goal is to make a quality product that people need or want, and then to make a profit on that service or good. Consumers do not usually see the entire business side, and what takes place to put these goods in front of you at stores. Companies very rarely build everything from scratch and need to hire purchasing managers, exporters, importers, and wholesalers. These are the jobs that allow for a business to run and turn a profit. One of the most important jobs of the entire process is the purchasing manager. Here are a few different aspects on a purchasing manager, and why people should care.

Evaluate Suppliers

One of the first things that a purchasing manager will do is evaluate all the different suppliers. No matter what companies build or create,  there are going to be multiple companies make the parts. This is why it is so important that the purchasing manager inspects all the goods from these different company for quality, quantity, availability, and delivery speed. This will ensure that the end product that comes is high quality, but maybe most importantly that the end company is able to pass savings on to customers.

Interview Venders

In order to really understand how a product is built, they talk and interview with all the venders that they buy from. The purchasing manager is going to visit supplier factories and try to learn everything about the company. It is especially important that the purchasing manager learns about the product, and about the business model of the company. If the purchasing manager has a solid knowledge on the different goods suppliers produce, then they will be able to evaluate these type of suppliers much more thoroughly.

Analyze Reports

One of the very last things that an purchasing managers is going to do is to set the price on all the goods. This is so they can turn a profit, and make the company grow. If the price is too steep then customers will not buy it, but if the price is too low then the company will not make a profit. If the product that is put out is a quality product that lasts a long time, and the suppliers do a great job creating the components then the end product should sale. The purchasing manager will be able to come up with a fair price since they understand what it costs to bring in all material needed to create the product.  


23 June 2017

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